Our Top 10 Cape Cod Wave Moments + 5 Music VIDEOS from 2018

Rip-It-Ups at Oysterfest, 2018
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We have already posted the top 10 most popular stories of Cape Cod Wave readers. These next 10 (+5) are our favorites from a year of Cape Cod Wave that did not make the list.

The top one, from the Wellfleet Oysterfest, is a music video. We soon realized we could make more than half the list music videos, because we found Cape Cod footage mixed really well with Cape Cod music this year. (Musicians, if you are interested, please contact us.)

So we decided this year to post our top 10 favorite stories that did not make the top 10 most popular + we added in 5 extra music videos of Cape Cod scenery featuring Cape Cod music.

The Happiest Place, Wellfleet Oysterfest 2018 – Music By The Rip-It-Ups, VIDEO We believe the Wellfleet Oysterfest could be prescribed as an antidepressant. This video always makes us smile. 

Cape Cod Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, 6 Years After Sandy Hook This group continues to fight, and we are glad for it.

Marilyn Lariviere, Pat Hatch & Donna Hannigan of Grandmother Against Gun Violence

The Media Is Not The Enemy Of The People, An Editorial – It needed to be said from every corner of America. And, we like our photo illustration.

Provincetown Parking Attendants Play A Starring Role In Summer The unsung heroes of Provincetown’s summer.

P.K. Simonds, TV Storyteller Pivots To Theater – A Profile A longtime TV writer writes a compelling play about the complexities of gender dynamics in a workplace. 


Cape Cod Abstract Naturals

Abstract Naturals CAPE COD WAVE PHOTO

Cape Cod Abstract Naturals, a 12-Photo (Sort Of) Slideshow One way of looking at Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Oldtimers Longboard Surfing Classic, 2018 – VIDEO A short documentary of sorts of one of our favorite events of the year.

The Cavalcade Has A New Musical Director, Fred Boak, A Profile – Fred Boak has always been one of our favorite people, and when he took over the Cavalcade we found a reason to profile him and discover how he became Chandler Travis’ Valet.

Praying For Luck With A Metal Detector This story stuck with us because Trevor Ponte likes hunting for old metal as much as anyone likes anything. We like passionate people, and learning why they love what they love.

Eastham Oyster farmers

Eastham Oyster Farmers

An Eastham Oyster Farmer & The Wellfleet Oysterfest – On The Flats Near The Border – KC Power and Alison Bissett, owners of Samoset Seafarm, gave us an awesome tour of their farm on a spectacular fall day.



Walking the Provincelands To The Atlantic Ocean, VIDEO + Music By Kim Moberg – This video came together almost like magic. We put it together first and then went looking for music, what turned out to be the perfect song (timed to the video even) by Kim Moberg.

A Perfect Cape Cod Summer Day, VIDEO + Music By The Grab Brothers – Our first video of the summer matching music and scenery, and it came out like a vision.

Beachcomber oysters, from August in 3 Minutes

August in 3 Minutes

Cape Cod August In 3 Minutes, Music By The Incredible Casuals – “On The Beach,” our favorite song by our favorite Cape Cod band, the Incredible Casuals, matched with a month’s video in three minutes.

The Greenheads At Terra Luna, “Stoned” – Music VIDEO We entered the back door of Terra Luna “Goodfellas” style and wandered through the kitchen, past the bar and to the front to see the Greenheads. Our favorite live show of the year.

Surfing at Coast Guard Beach, VIDEO + Music By Bruce Maclean – Surfing and surf music. Some things are perfect.

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