Cape Cod Wave Magazine Is 8 Years Old!

Written by Cape Cod Wave

Cape Cod Wave Magazine is 8 years old today.

On May 16, 2013, we launched this online magazine aiming to cover the character and culture of Cape Cod. We thought the Cape could benefit from more local journalism, especially as local newspapers, many owned by one national corporation, were cutting staff.

We had an audacious goal (See About Us), and the hope that people interested in Cape Cod would see the need for our type of deep-dive, informative journalism about interesting and important topics.

We set out to create what we hoped would become something like a painting over time, brushstroke by brushstroke – of the beauty, the music, the art, the science, sometimes the politics but especially the people that make Cape Cod what it is to all of us who love it.

If you live here or have visited and found your soul attached to this place – Cape Cod is special because of these things and these people.

Cape Cod is also challenged in so many ways. Is it not?

At the time we launched, a mere 8 years ago, we had no idea how much worse the already-hurting media universe of Cape Cod would would get. Now we know, and the trajectory doesn’t look good.

We’re still here, and we are beyond thankful to you for reading, and caring. 

And did we mention – We are 8!

As washashores – Laura in 1994 and Brian in 1982 – we know we will always be tourists to many who were born here.

But as a magazine, we were born here. And we are growing up. Who knows what the future will bring, but we hope you will be part of it.

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Cape Cod Wave is an online magazine covering the character and culture of Cape Cod. We feature long-form journalism, slices of Cape Cod life, scenic slide shows, and music videos of local bands playing original music.

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