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Cape Cod Wave is an online magazine about the character and culture of Cape Cod featuring long-form journalism, scenic slide shows, slices of Cape life, and music videos of local musicians playing original music.

Our stories are about the essence of the best 70-mile stretch of land on Earth. Our goal is to be something like the New Yorker of Cape Cod. Audacious? Sure. That’s sort of the point.

We have one simple mantra – we write about stuff we find interesting and, often, important. This is not factory journalism. Please wander through our stories, categories, and topics. You will find that most of what we write is Evergreen, meaning it is timeless. We are a magazine, and occasionally we break news.

If you want to see how we introduced ourselves in May, 2013 (and this also gives you a sense of who we are), please see Welcome To Cape Cod Wave.

Cape Cod is an interesting place. There was already plenty of good journalism on the Cape, but no one was doing exactly what we want to do, or the way we want to do it. So we started our own site.

Since we began, newspapers on Cape Cod, many of them owned by one faraway corporation, have been decimated by changes in the industry. It has been sad to watch and we are trying our best to fill in.

But we are a magazine, not a daily news site. Our staff is too small, and that was our previous life. We at Cape Cod Wave have a different mission.

Rather than the news of the day, Cape Cod Wave covers the essence of a day on Cape Cod.

WaveJournalism is hard work. If you would like to support Cape Cod Wave, please see the donation button at the top of each page. We set the amount at a one-time donation of $10, although you are encouraged to give more than once if you are so moved to support this cause. If you would like to send a check for more, or less, our address is Cape Cod Wave, Box 29, Falmouth, MA 02541


If you would like to hire Cape Cod Wave for writing, photography or video work, or you would like to advertise, please write [email protected]Wave

We want to celebrate the people, places, products and ideas that make Cape Cod a special place. We want to examine the issues that matter to all of us. We want to entertain you.

Since we are online, we hope to post new things here often. But we aim for quality, not quantity. We have a lofty goal – to be the New Yorker of Cape Cod.

We hope to engage you, surprise you, maybe even enlighten you because we plan to talk to the smartest and most interesting people we can find on Cape Cod. And we think anyone on Cape Cod is smart and interesting. Otherwise, why would you be here?

We aim to have fun. Come on along. Let’s go surfing.


– Laura M. Reckford & Brian Tarcy



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