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Summer is coming

Summer is coming

Look at this picture. No waves. Welcome to Cape Cod Wave, a different kind of website for Cape Cod.

First, the name. We thought about calling it “Couple of Knuckleheads Writing About Cape Cod” because we are journalists and we strive for accuracy. But our focus group of our dog, our neighbor, and our one friend from New York City suggested we opt for something cooler.

So we caught this Wave, and now we’re sitting on top of the world.

In truth, this site came about after many months of thought and planning. We paid particular attention to design. We feel that content must be visually pleasing in this changing media environment. We went through many iterations trying to find our place. We are not a news site. There are plenty of good places on Cape Cod to find news. But we like news. Ultimately, we decided we are a magazine, but not the typical look-at-this-pretty-house magazine Cape Cod has seen before.

We will do short pieces, and long pieces.  We will always strive to be fair but if a story warrants, we may draw conclusions – especially in essays. We hope to attract top columnists too.

Now, an apology ahead of time for all technical glitches on this site. The truth is, we designed this ourselves. It’s a wordpress site. We picked the theme. We designed the logo. We hope it works technically. If something is wrong, we apologize. We have limited skills. Again, we designed this ourselves. One of us is a dummy. The other one is a complete idiot. Laura M. Reckford is the author of the 1st edition of the “France for Dummies.” Brian Tarcy is the author of several books in the Complete Idiot’s Guide Series, including the “Complete Idiot’s Guide to NASCAR.” So what happens if you combine France with NASCAR? Well, Cape Cod Wave happens. One of us is a dummy, and the other is a complete idiot. You can look it up, and you can probably tell.

At heart, we are journalists. We are interested in the people, ideas, and stories that make this peninsula the most special place on Earth. We are storytellers.

Sure, we’re interested in government and crime, but there are others here on the Cape that focus on that. We are looking to dig deeper, or shallower if the story warrants it.

Beyond journalism, we plan to have some fun – including top 5 lists, videos, and random essays.

This is a long peninsula, and we are a small staff. Over time, you will see stories from all parts of the Cape, but you may also notice our initial focus may be somewhat Falmouth-centric. We love traveling the Cape, but we live here. Soon, we hope to expand the roster of those contributing and the scope of what we write about.

** We have recruited the best sportswriter on Cape Cod, and one of the five best sportswriters in New England to write a column about Boston sports. We are honored to welcome Rob Duca, longtime sportswriter with the Cape Cod Times, to our opening day team. Rob has written for several local, regional and national publications, including Sports Illustrated.

Come on along. Let’s go surfing.

This is going to be fun. Now you are all surfers. We hope you enjoy the ride.


Laura M. Reckford
Brian Tarcy


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Cape Cod Wave is an online magazine covering the character and culture of Cape Cod. We feature long-form journalism, slices of Cape Cod life, scenic slide shows, and music videos of local bands playing original music.


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