Looking Back – 10 Stories, 10 Years

Cape Cod through a window
Written by Cape Cod Wave

Ten years is a long time. Journalism years are like dog years. A lot happens. Anyway, it’s impossible to narrow things down but here are ten of our favorite stories since Cape Cod Wave started in 2013….

News Story – The Provincetown Parmesan Cheese Caper of 2015

Profile – Chuck Cole: Off The Grid, On The Radio & In The Community

Short Documentary Video – Provincetown Carnival 2018;  Music by Out Late with Diana Di Gioia

Short Documentary 2 – Cape Cod Oldtimers Longboard Surfing Classic, 2018 – VIDEO

Crime Story – Falmouth’s ‘Inconvenient Legend’: Melvin Reine Dies

Political Story – EXCLUSIVE: Details of Ron Beaty’s “baggage” In An Election Like No Other

Music Video – Walking The Provincelands To The Atlantic Ocean; VIDEO + Music by Kim Moberg

Sunset – Thumpertown Beach, the Greatest Show On Earth – SLIDE SHOW

Slideshow – Cape Cod Through A Window: 15 Towns, 1 Window

Most Interesting Person – Forever Young; Rowland Scherman, Profile of an Iconic 1960s Photographer

So that’s our list. Do any of our stories come to mind for you?


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