Top 10 Most Popular Cape Cod Wave Stories of 2019

The Sea Was Angry, Falmouth October 17, 2019
Written by Cape Cod Wave

It was a year of storms and politics. Well, at least those were two things Cape Cod Wave readers were most interested in this year.

Basically, it was one storm with downed wires and angry waves, and one politician – okay, same thing – that had the most readers.

The storm was a huge October one that brought down wires, trees, and even whole telephone poles in Falmouth. And the politician? Well, that would be President Trump, who certainly stirs passions.

Two of our top ten stories were about the storm, and three were about President Trump. We had one other political story as well from when presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg visited Provincetown.

The rest of our top ten stories of 2019 were a mix of important, interesting, and joyous fun – includeing the Carnival in Provincetown.

Here are our top 10 most popular Cape Cod Wave stories of 2019

  1. The Sea Was Angry That Day – Falmouth Storm VIDEO – In mid-October, a storm roared into Falmouth and knocked out power, downed trees, and made Falmouth’s coastline into a very interesting site. Here is a video from that day. Our readers love storms.
  1. A Shortage Of Kitchen Help – A Cape Cod Jobs Story – The lack of help is a problem plaguing many businesses on Cape Cod. We delved into the microcosm of the shortage of kitchen help, which has many causes but is inexorably linked with the housing crisis on Cape Cod.
  1. Falmouth Turbines Shut Down Forever – Two Neighbors React – A giant turbine began spinning in Famouth in 2010. Soon, another followed. But neighbors near the turbines complained of health problems. After many legal battles, the turbines were shut down forever in town. Two neighbors who lived through it all told us their stories.

  1. A Tale Of Two Cape Cod Rallies About Trump, An Essay – We attended a pro-Trump rally, and an anti-Trump rally. This was our reflection on both.
  1. Pete Buttigieg (& Chasten) In Provincetown, A Short Close Encounter – VIDEO + Essay + Slideshow – Presidential candidate Mayor Pete came to Provincetown and we have a short video reaction of him and his spouse, Chasten, interacting with the crowd.
  1. Provincetown Carnival 2019 VIDEO, Music By The Grab Brothers – A video of one of the most fun days of the year with music by one of our favorite bands, The Grab Brothers.
  1. New Herring Cove Beach Parking Lot – Slideshow – We took photos of the new parking lot after it was finished but before it was open to cars. There was a lot of interest in the reopening of this popular spot, which had been damaged by winter storms.

  1. Forever Young, Rowland Scherman – Profile of An Iconic 1960s Photographer – One of our favorite profiles since we started Cape Cod Wave, and certainly the longest! Rowland Scherman’s amazing Forest Gump ability to be in the right place at the right time with a camera for an entire decade reads like a who’s who of the 1960s – John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. The Beatles, and Woodstock just to name a few of his subjects.
  1. Big Storm Photos – Trees, Wires & More… You Can’t Get There From Here – Our readers love storm photos. This was quite a storm in mid-October.

10A) Talking To Anti-Trump Demonstrators At The Weekly Falmouth Rally – Anti-Trump demonstrators explained why to Cape Cod Wave.

10B) Talking To Supporters At A Trump Rally In Hyannis – Trump supporters explained why to Cape Cod Wave.


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