Top 10 Most Popular Cape Cod Wave Stories of 2016

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We have the best readers. You have good taste. And this year you chose an eclectic top 10 favorite stories including a wild storm video, a couple of turkey stories, and that time when Hillary Clinton and Cher visited Provincetown.

There were many great stories that just missed the top 10, and others from previous years that continue to be read because much of what we do is evergreen.

But this year, a few longform stories in particular really caught your eye, such as the story we did on the decline of surfasting, the history of Buckminster Fuller’s Dome in Woods Hole, a look at the new marijuana law through the eyes of the owner of Shop Therapy in Provincetown, and what now constitutes a ‘Cape Cod House.’

And of course, there is hair. Cape Cod hair is thing, and anyone with hair or who knows someone with hair seemed interested. Finally, there was the surreal sunset at Thumpertown Beach. You were as impressed as we were.

1) Playing (Briefly) In the Surf Of Hermine – VIDEO & Photos: When Tropical Storm Hermine arrived in September, we found ourselves storm sightseeing at Nauset Light Beach. And while we were watching, a few others were playing in the waves until they were kicked off the beach and the stairs were closed for safety reasons.

Surfcasting "Park here for fishing"2) Remember Surfcasting? – The Last Bait & Tackle Shop In Provincetown Has Closed: When we heard that the last bait & tackle shop closed in Provincetown, we thought it might mean something more than one store closing. We talked to some old fishermen who blamed regulations, seals, and changing water conditions for slow decline of a surfcasting on the Outer Cape.

3) Please Don’t Feed The Turkeys – Talking Turkey With The State Expert: The Turkey story in Falmouth will never die, but a state expert explained why the lead turkey of a group of turkeys in Falmouth had to be “removed.”

4) Falmouth Turkey Wars; Leader Captured But The Occupation Continues: We took a lighter approach to the turkey story.

 5) Cape Cod Hair: Sea, Sky & Sand At Work: Cape Cod Hair. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a thing. We found out the secret to what makes your hair look so good in the summer on Cape Cod.

6) Campaign 2016 – Hillary & Cher In Provincetown: Cher and Hillary Clinton came to Provincetown and we were there to witness the scene. Like everything that had to do with this election, a lot of people were interested.

7) The Dome In Woods Hole; Buckminster Fuller’s Aging Futuristic Bulding: A look back and to the future of The Dome, built by futurist Buckminister Fuller in 1953 in Woods Hole.

Thumpertown Beach 8) Thumpertown Beach, The Greatest Show On Earth – Slide Show: We have seen a lot of sunsets over the years on Cape Cod, but nothing quite like this.

9) Marijuana – Ronny Hazel Fought The Law & The Law Changed: Ronny Hazel, owner of Shop Therapy in Provincetown, has been selling marijuana paraphernalia for years. This year marijuana became legal and we wondered what he thought.


10) Rebuilding The Cape – The New Kind Of ‘Cape Cod House’: There is not a lot of land left to build on Cape Cod, but there is plenty of building going on. We looked into the trend to tear down small old houses and build much bigger new ones on the same lot.


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