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Every year, we have a few stories we like to point out beyond the top 10 most popular Cape Cod Wave Stories.

So here are our Top 10 Cape Cod Wave Favorite moments of 2016 – five from Laura and five from Brian


Rare Ould Times on the Ferry to Nantucket: Serendipity. That’s when you are riding a ferry to Nantucket and all of a sudden several other riders take out musical instruments and start playing seafaring songs. Note the dog’s wagging tail. I agree. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The Wharf House at the Provincetown Marina where Eugene O’Neill’s play “Anna Christie” was performed.

Searching for Eugene O’Neill 100 Years Later in Provincetown: I adore Provincetown, especially its history, dense with echoes of great cultural milestones. I could not escape that history as I attended a production of Eugene O’Neill’s “Anna Christie” in a wharf house on the harbor. I stayed in a guesthouse near where the great playwright lived in Provincetown and across the street from spot marking the old wharf where his first play was produced.

Winds of Change: Barnstable Looks for New Town Manager: All politics is local and Barnstable is no exception. When members of the town council sought to oust a popular town manager, I tried to untangle the web of power plays behind the scenes.

Hot Debate: Push for New Hyannis Fire Station Renews Calls for Consolidation: When the Hyannis Fire District leaders wanted a new fire station, they ran into a barrage of criticism that harkened back more than 70 years to calls for consolidation of the town’s fire districts. In more than a dozen interviews, I talked to players on both sides of the story to try to separate rhetoric from reality.

Falmouth’s Village Green shows its historic sense of place.

Captains of Sea and Industry: Falmouth’s Sense of Place: One thing that separates towns on Cape Cod from Anywhere, USA is their sense of place. I took a ride around Falmouth with two people passionate about preserving the town’s historic character and found out some little known historic gems about this charming seaside town.






Brian Tarcy


Forged From Fire, Saved By Community College – Remmy’s Story: Some stories stick with you for a long, long time. When I first met Remmy Waegelin in the Tilden Arts Center at 4Cs, I had no idea of the affable college student’s amazing story of survival and newfound love of education. Hardly anyone at the college did either. Remmy’s story is heartbreaking, and uplifting.

Astronaut Sunita Williams – An Explorer’s Story: As someone who grew up admiring all things NASA, I wanted to learn how Sunita Williams, with Falmouth roots, became an astronaut. When Williams returned to Woods Hole for the arrival of the R/V Neil Armstrong, I got to meet her and arrange one of my all

In space, with a Falmouth sweatshirt – “the place I come home to.”

-time favorite interviews.

Isaiah Catches His First Fish: I drive around Cape Cod a lot and every once in a while I stumble upon some small magical moment of humanity, like the day Isaiah Edwards, 7, caught his first fish.

Fried clams

A plate of fried clams at Seafood Sam’s.

Have Fried Clams Become A Luxury Item: Research, research, research. One cannot write about fried clams without eating fried clams. This was actually an unfortunate story about the rising price of fried clams, but I have to say the research was most tasty.

Cape Cod Wave Has 100 Music Videos! – Essay + Links: I have traveled all over the Cape looking for local bands writing original songs. I am not very interested in cover songs. So I ask, can you write anything? It turns out, yes they can. Getting to 100 was pretty cool. Starting with the Incredible Casuals and having the Inscrutable Casuals be #100 was even cooler – almost incredible.

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