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CapeCodWaveLogo_Gradient_HighResWelcome to the newly redesigned Cape Cod Wave magazine.

Today, November 16, 2015, is the 2-1/2 year anniversary of the launch of our magazine. At 10 PM on May 16, 2013, Cape Cod Wave was born with a promise to look for the most interesting and important stories that you won’t find anywhere else.

This new version is the exact same as the old Cape Cod Wave, only better. For the past several months, we have been working on this new look with the idea of freshening up our site and making the organization of stories easier to navigate.

We also wanted to look different than anyone else. We felt we needed the coolest logo on Cape Cod, and now we’ve got it.

If you’ve met either of us, you know that latest style is not especially a priority, yet we hope you’ve noticed that the look of this website has been crucial from the start.

When we began, we needed a different look than we need now. The truth is, we launched with five stories. Thirty months later, we have quite a catalog of stories, and this new look reflects that and makes it much easier to find our stories – many of which are as relevant today as when we first wrote them.

But don’t worry. We are still the same two knuckleheads who launched this site in May 2013. We pledge to continue to present our unique stories and perspectives from all over Cape Cod.

We hope you like our new clothes, and how we make a splash.

This is Salty Air Journalism.

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Cape Cod Wave

Cape Cod Wave is an online magazine covering the character and culture of Cape Cod. We feature long-form journalism, slices of Cape Cod life, scenic slide shows, and music videos of local bands playing original music.

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  • He’e Nalu ! Big barrel wave in Hawaiian. Love the new look, enjoy all the stories, pictures and music… thanks B n L. Aloha on Cape Cod, awesome.

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