Top 10 Most Popular Cape Cod Wave Stories of 2015

Turkeys and mailman
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In the annals of journalism history, our turkeys-versus-mailman video may not stand up to academia’s scrutiny, but it stood up to yours.

Needless to say, it has been an interesting year here at the worldwide corporate headquarters of Cape Cod Wave, where one of our videos went viral and made it to the Tonight Show, while both CNN and HBO did documentaries on subjects we had already covered.

And while we appreciate the love of our corporate media partners, we are considering a hostile takeover of all of them since they ignored some of the other stories on this list that you, the smartest readers in the world, loved.


1) Turkeys Attack Mailman ‘Every Day’: The interspecies war was the clear top story of the year. Brian’s viral video of a gang of turkeys chasing a Turkeys and mailmanFalmouth mailman made it around the world, to Jimmy Fallon and the Today Show, and back. With 1.5 million views and counting, we are considering changing our name from Cape Cod Wave to Turkeys R Us. Good idea? Oh, so you’ve met us.

Juno at noon Cape Cod2) Juno at Noon, The Peak of An Epic Cape Cod Blizzard – Slideshow: Anyone on Cape Cod in late January and early February of 2015 shivers at the name “Juno.” The storm that ate Cape Cod paralyzed our peninsula and made us giddy for spring. Brian ventured out into the wilds of this storm and captured an epic winter slideshow.

3) Barnstable High School Holiday Principal and Holiday Principle – Details Matter: Brian has had good luck running into random stories on West Main Street in Hyannis. Last month he found Barnstable High School Principal Patrick Clark decorating the high school’s sign for the holidays on an unusually moderate November day. It turns out that attention to detail, and Principal Clark, are a popular combination.

4) The Turkey Gang Of Falmouth – Video: Our turkey content began with this short video of a gang of turkeys stopping traffic on Main Street. Stay tuned for more turkey coverage brought to you exclusively by Cape Cod Wave.

5) Time Moves Richly Forward: Hillary Clinton, Provincetown & Presidential Politics – An Essay: Hillary Clinton came to Provincetown for anHillary exclusive reception for big donors and Brian was one of the media hanging around the periphery of the party, taking it all in and covering a speach he was not allowed to hear, making for an interesting take on American politics played local.

(June 2014: RIP Towne Tavern – Falmouth Workingman’s Bar) – This story continues to be popular.

(November 2014: Straight To Provincetown; Changing Demographics at the Cape’s Tip) – Filed near the end of last year, this story of a changing town had momentum of readers all year.

6) A Third Life For The Sultana – A Cape Cod Schooner’s Tale: Laura heard about the Woods Hole Museum acquiring this unusual vessel and got to the bottom of it. The story ended up having more twists and turns than expected. But mostly, it’s a tale of a man and his passion for boats.

Paul Rifkin; one kind of patriot.

Paul Rifkin, one kind of patriot.

7) One Kind of Patriot – Paul Rifkin’s Civil Disobedience: Paul Rifkin is an original. It may be just a coincidence that the owner of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant opted to shut it down just after this story ran about Rifkin’s trespassing on the plant property. Or maybe not.

8) Getting Comfortable – Chandler Travis’ 30-Year Collaboration With 1 Lyricist and 6 Bands: At Cape Cod Wave, we are big fans of the musical genius that is Chandler Travis, and all that he represents in the Cape Cod music scene. So when he put out a sort of “Greatest Hits” CD from his various bands, it seemed to us a good excuse to write a profile we wanted to write since we started. It’s not just us. Lots of folks were interested in this Cape legend.

9) The Provincetown Parmesan Cheese Caper of 2015: A crime story unlike any other, which is why it was so popular.

10) “Christmas Wish” – A Song By And For Joey Spampinato – Video: This video of the song, “Christmas Wish” by NRBQ founding member Joey Song For JoeySpampinato, was sung by his brother Johnny Spampinato, his wife, Kami Lyle, and several other loving musicians at Chandler Travis’s Cape Cod Christmas Cavalcade for the Homeless. Joey, who has announced he has cancer, could not be there so everyone sang a Christmas song he wrote. It’s pretty moving.

Our “partnerships” with HBO and CNN: We are grateful that two networks chose to run television shows on topics that we wrote about, which brought readers from all across the country to three of our stories from year’s past. HBO premiered the film that we wrote about in this 2013 story: Finding Edith Lake Wilkinson: Provincetown Artist Returns and CNN aired a piece about the unsolved Shirley Reine murder and that brought attention to two of our stories from 2013 and 2014: Falmouth’s ‘Inconvenient Legend’ Melvin Reine Dies and Dueling Attorneys Agreed On Culprit In Shirley Reine Murder.

Of course, we also had “partnerships” with a whole lot of TV shows that liked our turkey video. And we’re just getting started.

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