Happy 2nd Birthday Cape Cod Wave!

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We still don’t have swag. We have no events, no concert series nor beer bashes. We only have journalism.

Cape Cod Map ArtTwo years ago, in a less crowded local media landscape, we launched Cape Cod Wave with a sunrise over Newcomb Hollow Beach and the words, “Morning in America starts here.”

We were a couple of knuckleheads then trying to put our little stamp on Cape Cod journalism. We’re still trying to do the same thing, but, by now, we hope we are your knuckleheads.

To our readers, we say thank you. To everyone we have written about, we say thank you.

And to our sponsors, we say a special thank you for supporting the new face of journalism on Cape Cod.

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In honor of our 2nd birthday, here are some of our favorite Cape Cod Wave stories of the last couple of months:

1) Indict a Ham Sandwich? The District Attorney Decides
2) The Herring Run, the Seagull & the Banker
3) Model Boat Builders Gather in Woods Hole
4) This Police Car is a Rock Star
5) The Turkey Gang of Falmouth
6) First Sign of Cape Cod Spring: Par-Tee Freeze Opens


And just to be contrary, we give you YOUR favorite Cape Cod Wave stories from the past couple of months.

We'd recognize their faces anywhere.

We’d recognize their faces anywhere.

1) Buzzards Bay Frozen Slide Show
2) The Turkey Gang of Falmouth
3) Water Cannon Through the Icebergs of the Cape Cod Canal
4) Pickleball in Wellfleet
5) A Quiet Hero on a Wellfleet Beach
6) Model Boat Builders Gather in Woods Hole


You will notice our favorites and your favorites do not correspond exactly, except that we are all very concerned/intrigued/alarmed (pick one) about the turkeys.

We would like you to read our favorites—which we assume you have overlooked through no fault of your own—and then those stories will surely become your favorites as well.

But even if they don’t become your favorites, we can still be friends. Did we mention to like us on Facebook?


– Laura M. Reckford & Brian Tarcy

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