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Buzzards Bay Is Frozen! – Slideshow

Written by Brian Tarcy

FALMOUTH – Based on a shared story, John Furnari and his 11-year-old son, Johnny, called their walking onto the frozen waters of Buzzards Bay, off of Chapoquoit Beach, “a fish moment.”

John Furnari and his son, Johnny, walk onto frozen Buzzards Bay, off of Chapoquoit Beach in West Falmouth.

John Furnari and his son, Johnny, walk onto frozen Buzzards Bay, off of Chapoquoit Beach in West Falmouth.

We, at Cape Cod Wave, thought we might be about to witness a swimming-with-the-fishes moment.

But no.

“It felt really cool,” said Johnny, after walking out about 25 feet onto frozen Buzzards Bay with his father. “It felt like you were flying on top of the water.”

His father, John, said, “You could tell it was really frozen. I have not seen it like this. I’ve seen Old Silver Beach, over by the Sea Crest (Beach Hotel) frozen. But this is the first time I’ve seen Chapoquoit Beach like this.”

So why was this called a fish moment?

“Two years ago, there was a striper in here that was losing energy. It must have been hooked by a fisherman before,” said John. But the fish was alive, and “I caught it with my bare hands,” he said. Johnny was with him. Ever since then, Furnari and his son have called a special time, “a fish moment.”

So let the record show that on February 17, 2015, John and Johnny Furnari walked on Buzzards Bay. That’s not a fish story. It’s a fish moment.

Here are some photos from Chapoquoit Beach, Old Silver Beach, and West Falmouth Harbor. Just about everything that appears to be snow-covered land in these photos is actually part of the ocean.

This is February on Cape Cod. We dare you to visit.


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  • Fish Moment? Extremely foolish. Brian and Laura you should not be encouraging such dangerous activity. One crack or weak spot in the ice and foolish people will indeed be swimming with the fishes as their lungs fill with the waters of Buzzards Bay.

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