Summer On Cape Cod: Welcome To Paradise

Welcome to Paradise
Written by Cape Cod Wave

CAPE COD – Starting around the beginning of July, we love to watch weather reports from other parts of the country, or even from just over the bridges.

While Cape Cod is expected to be in the high 70s with a light breeze and abundant sunshine, everywhere else is going to be somewhere between, and we quote many people from many places, too hot and stupid hot.

Ours is a smart hot. Summer on Cape Cod is paradise.

For the next six to eight weeks, this little sandspit and its two nearby islands are due to have the best weather on Earth.

We don’t visit paradise. Paradise comes to us.

This isn’t some tropical paradise where every day all year long is perfect. No, Cape Cod is a more accelerated kind of heaven on Earth. 

This is New England. We have real weather and for much of the year we complain about it. And that, as much as anything, is what makes these next several weeks around here so sweet. 

We’ve been through the snow, the rain, the fog, the wind, the downed trees, the lost days of power, and have even occasionally succumbed to the general gray malaise of the spring that barely exists on Cape Cod.

Ah, but this is summer, early July. It’s all in front of us… the best summer ever. 

We don’t visit paradise. Paradise comes to us. 

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