Provincetown Women’s March: “We’re going to have a Speak Out”

Provincetown Women's March
Written by Brian Tarcy

PROVINCETOWN – On Saturday, while hundreds of thousands marched in large cities across the country to protest President Trump, this small town that Shira Kavon called “the most diverse and accepting town there is,” held its own rally. (See Slide Show at bottom)

They marched to MacMillan Pier, where they sang, “We shall overcome,” and then back to Provincetown Town Hall where Dian Hamilton, one of the organizers, stood on the steps and said, “We’re going to have a Speak Out.”

For three minutes each, speaker after speaker walked up those steps, took the microphone, and said something passionate and personal to the crowd, which swelled to about 300 at one point.

Some were overtly political, urging people to write and call their representatives… but no emails, those don’t work! Others were deeply personal; including stories of abuse and why all of this matters so much.

Bethany Gregory, 43, of Truro said the election opened her eyes to the Trump voters. “You’ve all come out of your dark places and now I see you, and I will never not see you.”

Byllye Avery, 79, of Provincetown, said, “Every kind of right that you think is right, they think is wrong.” But she urged dialogue. “Talk to people. Talk to your family.” And, she said, “This is our country and we’re going to take it back from them. We cannot leave the stage to the fools.”

Provincetown Women's March

Even dogs are activists now.

Ngina Lythcott, 71, of Provincetown, said, “One of the mistakes we made in the previous election was not organizing across class lines.” She also urged those in the audience to listen to others. And, she said, “Revolution starts with us demanding that we will not have our rights taken away from us.”

Earlier, as the march proceeded from the MacMillan Wharf to Town Hall, Ryan Cooke, 42, of Provincetown, said, “This accomplishes our community coming together. I think you’re seeing what’s happening all around the world.”

And Kavon, 58, of Provincetown, said she was not the right age for the civil rights movement or the ant-war movement during the Vietnam War. Because of Trump, she said, “I am grateful for this spark of activism. This is my moment.”

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