President Trump And The Media – An Editorial

Written by Cape Cod Wave

The enemy of the American people? Imagine the President of the United States of America describing your profession as such.

While Cape Cod Wave is a small online magazine with a preference for covering surfers and guitar players in our tiny touristy corner of the country, we are also Americans.

And this dictator-type talk coming from the President has us a bit freaked out.

We find his words about the media to be worrisome. This is not to say that there are not aspects of the national corporate (especially cable news) media that are sensational, gullible (see weapons of mass destruction), and often lacking any nuance.

We have almost as many gripes about “the media” as Trump, actually.

Only his gripes are lies.

And the first amendment is sacred. Without it, what exactly is the point of America?

In our tiny touristy corner of the country where we would rather write about surfers and guitar players than almost anything, the lie that the media are the enemy of the American people is one too far for us.

We do not feel like your enemy.

However, when we walk around the trails of Cape Cod, occasionally we come upon a slippery slope. So far, we have not gotten hurt. But we are worried. Perhaps you should be too.

Maybe you are the next “enemy of the American people.”

Everyone should watch their footing on the slippery slope. Right, Mr. Trump?

P.S. We made a media request in August 2016 to interview Mr. Trump. We never heard back. At this point, we assume he is afraid of Cape Cod Wave. Sad!

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