The (60 +) Signs Of The Falmouth Science March

Falmouth Science March
Written by Brian Tarcy


FALMOUTH – There were signs on Saturday that people in this town care about science. A lot of signs. We found more than 60.

About 500 or so people gathered on the Village Green to participate in the March For Science, one of hundreds being held across the country.

Falmouth Science March

No U Turn

The crowd in Falmouth formed a circle near the flagpole and heard speakers talk passionately about the role of science in our collective future.

But it was the community itself, this gathering of folks on the old gathering ground of the Village Green that seemed to be the truly powerful message. These people, and their signs. (VIDEO BELOW)

We didn’t see every sign. But we think we saw most of them. These are the ones we found:

Got Polio? Me Neither. Thanks Science.

Climate change coming to Mar a Lago soon!

Keep our water clean

March 4 Science Falmouth

Science matters

Science Cures Alternative Facts

Small Town, Big Science, Woods Hole, Ma

What Do We Want? Informed Policy Making When Do We Want It? After Peer Review!

Falmouth Science March

Standing Up For Science

Science Matters For An Anthropologist

I Speak For The Trees

Make America Think Again

Data Lover

The Good Thing About Science Is It is True Whether You Believe It Or Not

Science Doesn’t Care What You Believe

The Oceans Are Rising And So Are We

Science Is True

We Love Science

The Scientific Method Works

Without This Planet We Have Nowhere To Go, Let Science Show You What You Need To Know

Science Is Cool

Respect Your Mother (Earth)

There Is No Planet B

Falmouth Science March

There were signs that the town supports science

Science Is Real! Pass It On…

We Need Science Needs Us

I Like Big Brains

Fund Science, Keep America Great

Science Rules

My Mother And My Wife Beat Cancer And Are Alive Today! Thank You Science

Vaccines Save Lives

Oh. The Hue-Manatee

Science Is The Key To Our Future. If You Don’t Believe In Science, You’re Holding Everybody Back

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land


Science Saves, Save Science

I Love Buzzards Bay

1.6 Billion Years Later, And It’s Still All We Have

Veteran For Science

Science Trumps Ignorance

We Are All In This Together

Pro Facts

Truth Is Vital To Democracy

Science Solves Problems

Science & Reality, A Great Couple

No Alternate Facts In Science

Thank Science For The World As We Know It

Science Is Real, Don’s Hair Is Not

Falmouth Science March

Gathered on the Village Green

Science Not Silence

Everybody Needs Science, Science Needs Everybody

Scientists Don’t Pick Sides, Only Politicians Do

Evidence Trumps Intuition

This Is What A Mad Scientist Looks Like

I Will Not Go Quietly Back To The 1950s

Climate Change Is Real

I’m A STEMinist

Didn’t Die of Infection. Thank A Scientist

US Companies & Corporations, Can’t You Make $$ + Do The Right Thing? Stop The Greed

Science Is Not A Liberal Conspiracy

It’s Surprising Trump Doesn’t Believe In Climate Change, He’s Full Of Hot Air

Invest In Science, Support Science


Election Was Rigged, He Said It Would Be

I’m With Her (Mother Earth)



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