MBL Scientists Vote to join with UChicago

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MBL Scientists vote to align with the University of Chicago

MBL Scientists vote to align with the University of Chicago

WOODS HOLE – A quorum of more than 100 scientists who are members of the Marine Biological Laboratory Corporation voted overwhelmingly today to affiliate with the University of Chicago.

MBL President and Director Joan V. Ruderman and Speaker of the MBL Corporation Colleen Cavanaugh announced the vote was 158 votes in favor, 2 votes against.

The meeting in Woods Hole began at 1:30 this afternoon with presentations by MBL and UChicago officials.

There was an open discussion and questions from the scientists gathered, according to one scientist who attended but requested anonymity because MBL officials have asked people not to speak to the press.

The mood of the meeting, the scientist said, was “entirely enthusiastic.”

UChicago officials said there would be year-round classes and teaching positions added at MBL.

The vote to change the bylaws of the Corporation came at 3pm.

The next step is a vote by the boards of trustees of both MBL and UChicago, the scientist said.


— Laura M. Reckford



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