Why Only May 5? Make Falmouth Fun Again – Editorial

Cinco De Mayo
Written by Cape Cod Wave

Once a year, on May 5th, downtown Falmouth hosts a fantastic party – the only party, except for Arts Alive and a few parades – on Main Street all year. And unlike Arts Alive or any parade we know of, this party allows beer and margarita sales.

We are confused. Why only one? Why May 5?

Once a year? Think about that.

This May 5 was on a crummy weather day that seemed more like cinco de December but the popular local band, Crooked Coast was playing. It was windy, rainy, and cold, yet we noticed that no one who attended seemed to care about the weather. They were just enjoying song after catchy song.

As usual for every show we’ve ever seen of Crooked Coast, they captured the audience and took them along for an uplifting ride.

Most importantly, was the time of the show, 3 PM, and the age range of the audience, which we estimated to be from 1 to 85, with all demographics well represented.

Yes, 1 to 85. This is Falmouth. Or this is what Falmouth could be if it tried. You know, if wasn’t so much like the other 364 days a year. Imagine.

We were told by a bartender that this concert/party was a fundraiser for ALS. On the Anejo Mexican Bistro Facebook page, it says Compassionate Care ALS sponsors the event. “and they are showcasing products made by people living with ALS.”

Imagine, if you will, fundraisers every week, or maybe every other week, put on by different restaurants for different charities featuring different local bands that write original music.

Is Academy Lane so busy that such a plan couldn’t work?

We have lived in Falmouth for more than 30 years. In all that time, we have driven on Academy Lane exactly three times. Approximately once a decade. We are willing to skip a decade of driving on Academy Lane if that would help bring some fun to Falmouth.

So how about just starting slowly this summer? How about this… we can’t wait for Cinco De June.

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