Hey, Hey, It’s Our Birthday – 3 Years of Cape Cod Wave 

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Since launching Cape Cod Wave three years ago today, on May 16, 2013, we have been described by one of our readers as “the New Yorker of Cape Cod.”

We’ll take that.

We have been called a lot of things in our time, so compliments are especially nice.

CapeCodWaveLogo_Gradient_HighResAnd whereas Cape Cod Wave is a labor of love… our love of Cape Cod, our love of journalism, and our love of the smartest readers in world, we are pleased to know that in three years at least a few people have come to appreciate our efforts to bring something different in the realm of journalism to our beloved peninsula.

Our quest to find stories that others have not covered has taken us to places on Cape Cod we had never been before and has introduced us to a range of inspiring, courageous, and, sometimes, quirky people who also call this peninsula home. We confess to a weakness for fishermen, surfers and musicians but we have also had long sitdowns with scientists, teachers, builders, chefs, rangers and protesters.

Sometimes other media have followed us—even going as far as using our same wording, as in the case of our January 7, 2016 article, “Falmouth Turkey Wars; Leader Captured But The Occupation Continues.”

Sometimes they haven’t, as in the case of our article, “Have Fried Clams Become A Luxury Item?” No problem there. We love exclusives . . . and fried clams.

Some of our readers prefer to get their Cape Cod Wave fix through our free e-newsletter, other follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and others check out our site occasionally. All we ask is, if you like Cape Cod Wave, spread the word, patronize our sponsors and — dare we say it? — buy a Cape Cod Wave hat!

For us, these three years have been a colorful, vibrant, musical journey that we wouldn’t have missed for all the world. Thank you for joining us.

Laura & Brian

Cape Cod Wave

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