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Why Does Halloween Equal The Holiday Season? – An Essay… But If You Must Shop, Shop Local

Halloween becomes Christmas
Written by Cape Cod Wave


If you look close, our pumpkin is surrounded by a Christmas wreath.

Sad! We know.

We know how it works. And we don’t like it.

Corporate store Christmas displays are moving in. Some super-nice employee at a store near you has been ordered by headquarters to cue up the repetitive mind-numbing music. Some other local worker for another big corporation will soon be putting up those in-your-face lights that urgently remind us all that the holiday is a mere two months away.

Halloween equals Christmas

Don’t get us wrong. We at Cape Cod Wave love the holiday season. Presents, fun Christmas displays, the joyful music, and oh the lights!

But please. We are begging anyone who can find their way into a corporate boardroom of any big company with stores on Cape Cod to help make the Christmas displays wait until AFTER Thanksgiving. That is a long time from now. It is not now.

Now is still early fall. Autumn. The leaves have not all fallen. It is time to slowly prepare for Thanksgiving and family and gravy and a full day of football. Now is not an urgent time to shop.

Instead, we recommend you get out and enjoy the beauty of Cape Cod.

But if you must shop, shop local. The quality is of everything is higher, and the Karma is much better.

Or for even better Karma you could donate to a local cause such as the Housing Assistance Corporation, which helps homeless families and individuals.

But if you still insist on shopping, we suggest shopping at the Cape Cod Wave photos and more store.

Finally, if that Christmas music makes you long for summer, maybe you’d like a book from Cape Cod Wave, You Can’t Sell Right Field, A Cape Cod Novel.

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