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Christmas Cavalcade For The Homeless Set For December 17 At The Music Room In Yarmouth

Written by Brian Tarcy

YARMOUTH – Chandler Travis, the musician who years ago created the festive fundraising concert, the Christmas Cavalcade for the Homeless,  has announced the live show is back this year. It will be held at the Music Room in West Yarmouth.

The show is Sunday, December 17 from 6pm until 9 p.m.

All proceeds from the show go to the Housing Assistance Corporation of Cape Cod.

This year’s Cavalcade is the 16th live one, but the first since 2019, before the pandemic. Since then there was a Cavalcade video show. And another year there was a Cavalcade album released, all to raise money for HAC. (Click HERE for video highlights from the 2019 Cavalcade)

This year, with late planning, Travis said, he was restricted to a smaller venue. The Music Room, he said, “is a nice room with great sound.” The room holds 140 people, he said. Previous Cavalcades have had 200 to 300 people attend, said Travis.

The Cavalcade will have ten acts, including four of Travis’ bands. The show will be a shorter and more rocking concert than  previous Cavalcades.

In the past, Travis said, “shows have gone on sometimes more than five hours…. We are trying to get it down to something more manageable.”

“In the past we’ve always had the first half of the Cavalcade be more of a listening thing with acoustic music, and some speakers,” he said. The second half of the show was always the dancing/rocking part, he said.

“This year we’ve narrowed it down to pretty much the second half; the dancing and carousing part.”

The lineup for the show is The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, The Greenheads, The Invincible Casuals, The Cyclones, Woof Woof Meow, The David Roth Slide Whistle Consortium, Polka Dan & No Beetbox Band, Blu Central, The Buttercups, and the host, Ding Donnelly.

“The Music Room is relatively small by Cavalcade standards, so we’re charging a bit more, $35 for general seating and $50 for seats up front,” said Travis. The hope is to raise more money for the Housing Assistance Corp. of Cape Cod. All proceeds go to the cause, said Travis.

Donations are encouraged whether you can be at the Cavalcade or not, said Travis. “Everyone needs a home for the holidays,” he said. 

Donations to Housing Assistance Corporation may be made here:

Tickets for the Cavalcade can be purchased here: tickets here:

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