Cluster of Trucks Working On “an intricate process, and very tedious”

Cluster of trucks
Written by Brian Tarcy

FALMOUTH – There was a cluster of trucks at the corner of Sandwich Road and Route 28 near a bunch of downed wires.

“I was told a tractor trailer hit a line here and took down a bunch of fiber optic cables,” said Zach Fuller, lead fiber technician for CCG, also known as Communications Construction Group. Fuller, at the scene, said CCG was hired by Comcast.

“As for the type of traffic that runs on these cables, I’m unsure of,” said Fuller.

“My primary job is to get all those cables spliced back together,” he said. “It’s done bit by bit. It’s an intricate process and very tedious.”

Fuller couldn’t talk long as he was supervising the process, which was happening inside of a truck away from the weather. He said he didn’t know how long it would take to get the wires back together and up again. “There’s too many variables to know,” he said.

Hours or days? “Days is extremely unlikely,” said Fuller.

In just a short drive through just a small part of Falmouth, this was not the only cluster of trucks we saw. We saw four of them in a row, yellow lights flashing, dashing like the cavalry to somewhere, and we saw an even bigger cluster of trucks in the parking lot of Walmart. Strategizing, we assume.

Hopefully, someone with a truck and some know-how will go to fix the darkened traffic lights on the corner of Jones Road and Gifford Street, where we saw drivers (except for one clueless soul) being exceptionally courteous and stopping as if there were stop signs.

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