Civil War? It’s Time For County Commissioner Ronald Beaty To Resign – An Editorial

Ron Beaty
Written by Cape Cod Wave

On September 30, County Commissioner Ronald Beaty Jr. tweeted this: “Because of the lunatic socialist fringe Democrats and their political insanity, civil war for the first time since the 1860s may possibly happen again.”

Talk, by an elected official of Barnstable County, of a possible new civil war is unacceptable. We are calling for Ronald Beaty to resign his office as Barnstable County Commissioner.

America should not be threatened with a civil war by anyone, especially an elected official. Mr. Beaty, please go home. This is dangerous talk.

We are not surprised that the cesspool that is Twitter and politics has shown its face on Cape Cod. But we are disappointed. 

Seeing commissioner Beaty mimic, but using his own words, the President’s retweet of a Fox news personality suggesting civil war, was, frankly, shocking.

We have a complicated relationship with County Commissioner Beaty. 

There is a lot about him that we actually like. He is very smart, educated on local laws and local issues, and passionate in his beliefs. These are admirable traits. We spent a long time talking with him for a profile we did in 2017 and all of those traits came through.

And while he has a checkered history including a stint in prison for threatening to kill the President of the United States of America, as well as some very controversial positions since he has been elected, we never before thought to ask him to resign.

We always thought, of the county’s voters, “You voted for him. You’ll get another chance.” As journalists, our job is to inform.

But a civil war? Just raising the possibility during these times is so chilling that, as journalists with an editorial voice, we are compelled to ask him to resign, or at least rescind it.

Before we wrote this editorial, we wrote Beaty asking for comment on his tweet. “We have questions,” is how we put it.

He responded, “If you have questions about a particular tweet on Twitter, then I believe there is a mechanism to post comments and replies to Twitter itself.”

The thing is, a couple of years ago, after we wrote a 5,000-word profile of Beaty and he spread it and positive word of Cape Cod Wave on social media, he then blocked us from seeing his tweets. (We saw this recent tweet on his facebook page, and as reported in The Cape Cod Times.)

As we said, we have a complicated relationship with him. We were never sure why we were blocked. We were mostly amused. And so it amused us again when it was suggested that we comment on Twitter.

But what is not amusing is the tweet itself.  There is no place for an elected official on Cape Cod suggesting the possibility of civil war. This is nonnegotiable.

Yes, this is by Cape Cod Wave, as all the corporate employees of our giant corporation believe this.

But I’ll sign my name to these words – Brian Tarcy

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    • Not really, its pretty common place coming from you #BigotedBeaty, Honestly you are the personification of the worst the cape cod GOP has to offer.You talk about how much you hate “identity politics” but constantly do so with your Homophobic,Racist, Islamophobic rhetoric and people will certainly keep that in mind in 2020.

  • Mr. Beaty and many conservative leaders are correct to point out that gun confiscation, tax increases for illegal alien healthcare, and redistribution of wealth schemes would not be tolerated if a Democrat were to win the 2020 election. Right now it appears President Trump will be serving a 2nd term.

  • BS Anyone who has not entertained the possibility of a second civil war has their heads up their A–. In point of fact, we are already in a “civil” war for the heart and soul of the Republic. This war that was launched 70 years ago against constitutional law has simply been forced out of the closet with radical, lunatic, Marxist/socialist cast in the mold of the academic version of Karl Marx.

  • Honestly, the lunatic right wing fringe has lost their collective minds. And souls. The ignorance and hatred runs deep red.

  • Did someone drop you collective folks on your collective heads when you were babies? We should all be big enough to offer up a second chance but being imprisoned for threatening to kill the President (wanna bet it was Mr. Obama) sounds to me somewhat totally off putting. Then this statement about a civil war “if….”.

    Well, by golly folks, is there any threshold whatsoever to your moral fiber? Just curious as to the whereabouts of your spines.

  • Collection of fools led by idiots;
    It saddens me, that people who claim to fight for freedom of speech, are always the first ones, trying to mute a differing opinion.
    There are far to many, ideals, on to many subjects…for any one person or group to be self righteous enough to claim themselves to be the arbiter of morality…

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