Arthur Schmarthur – Happy Fourth of July From Cape Cod Wave!

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When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for Cape Codders to deal with a  mean storm named Arthur, it requires that they declare, Arthur Schmarthur!

Happy Fourth of JulyThe Fourth of July is our favorite holiday and no stupid storm is going to ruin it.

While the fireworks are forecast to be lightening instead of man-made pyrotechnics, and the hotdogs and hamburgers are getting sporadically soggy, we hereby declare our independence from letting this crummy weather get us down.

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, is our favorite holiday for so many reasons, including that it’s summer, and you are not required to buy anyone presents. All you have to do is enjoy some fine food and drink with friends and family. Plus, there’s our favorite part of this holiday – it’s easy to remember the date.


— Cape Cod Wave



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