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Written by Brian Tarcy

FALMOUTH – Ultimately, like everyone at the Get Ho Ho Ho! ultimate Frisbee tournament, the team of Mrs. & Mrs. Claus from Boston, Lowell, and New Hampshire was in a jolly wet mood.

Ultimate FrisbeeTheir uniforms provided the jolly, and the weather provided the wet. “Dressing up makes it a more spirited game,” said Kristen Bryant of Lowell, and a member of Mrs & Mrs. Claus, a team captained by two females, thus the name, she explained. She is not one of the captains, having only taken up the sport last year.

Whether dressed as elves or just in matching colored T-shirts, more than 50 teams from throughout New England came to Falmouth on Saturday to participate in the tournament, spread out at three different locations – Falmouth High School, Trotting Park Field, and Lawrence School.

At Lawrence, teams toiled in the rain without seeming to notice the weather. There were athletic highlights, shows of handshake sportsmanship, and a general state of dressing up that seemed to fit the weekend theme of “Santarchy.”

On Saturday night, there was a scheduled Santarchy Pub Crawl, speaking of an ultimate amount of fun.

And on Sunday, the games begin again. We at Cape Cod Wave don’t pretend to know a great deal of the sport that, as one player told us, “was once known as a hippie sport,” but we do know hippies and we do know sports.

So with that in mind, we took great appreciation of some of the Christmas-themed team names, which are as creative as band names:

Woods Hole Bad Santas
Down To Ho Ho Ho!
Mrs. & Mrs. Claus
Woods Hole Badder Santas
The Nativity Lobsters
The Whos of Boozeville
Make it Raindeer
Saint Natick and Helpers
The Naughty List

And a few non-Christmas names:

Underwater Monkey Cowboys
Konnichiwa Bitches
Lexington Hucking Fooligans
Taco Wagon


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