To The Rest of America, From Cape Cod On Memorial Day Weekend

Written by Cape Cod Wave

Hey rest of the country that was laughing at Cape Cod last winter – enjoy your summer. We sure plan to enjoy ours here on Cape Cod.

Our summers Provincetown low tide2are better than yours.

Our summers are the most perfect ever invented.

Oh sure, our Cape Cod epic winter was dominated by snow white (the color, not the girl). But that was then and this is the opening weekend of the Cape Cod season when, admit it, you wish you were here feeling as optimistic about your summer as we do about ours. There is no more optimistic place on Earth than Cape Cod on Memorial Day weekend. So happy summer, the rest of America. Oh, who’s laughing now? Ha!



Cape Cod, Where You Wish You Were This Summer

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  • Well said! The weather’s looking pretty good this weekend here in New York City, but I’d rather be sipping a cold beer on a beach on the Cape than in a cafe in the East Village. Ah, summer.

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