Merry Christmas To You from Cape Cod Wave!

A wreath takes in the view at Gray's Beach in Yarmouthport.

A wreath takes in the view at Gray’s Beach in Yarmouthport.

CAPE COD – The funny thing about Christmas is you spend weeks rushing around getting ready, wearing yourself out. Worrying and planning and buying. Wreaths and tinsel and ribbon. And then the day comes: here it is. A day like any other and not like any other.

Moments of joy come in time spent with loved ones, in the faces of young children reacting to the mysteries of the day and in the singular beauty of our surroundings on Cape Cod.

It can be merry. But it can also be melancholy. The beginning of a long winter.

But soon it is the day after Christmas. And now you have New Year’s Eve to look forward to. And New Year’s Day. It’s a fresh start. A new year. Full of possibilities. Spring is just around the corner. Daffodils and tulips. Time passes quickly. Enjoy each day.

Happy Christmas from Cape Cod Wave.

– Laura and Brian

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