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Holiday Tip – Buy Cape Cod Original Music Because Geniuses Live Here

Buy Cape Cod music
Written by Cape Cod Wave

Cape Cod Wave suggests that you begin your holiday shopping by buying music written on Cape Cod, because geniuses live here.

This holiday season, you can do something extraordinary for those you love, and the place you love, and most of all, for your own soul.

Give Cape Cod music as a gift. Give it to yourself.

We know how much you like your favorite famous band. We like a famous band too. 

Buy Cape Cod Music

What a store window should look like

But the band you just saw at the local pub, community center, library or even church just might have their own CD, and it’s probably great. Seriously.

The reason the music is most likely great is because this is Cape Cod – a legitimate end of the Earth place where the salty air attracts, keeps or somehow inhabits the genius of so many – artists, writers, entrepreneurs and yes, musicians.

We have been awed by many musicians on this peninsula … so many that we pretty much only listen to Cape Cod-made music at the Cape Cod Wave corporate headquarters.

Thus, based on our experience, if you like the band that you just saw, you will like what they have written.

Our favorite bands insist on playing original music in their shows. 

And so the next time a performer asks if there are any requests, ask this: Do you have any originals?

And then if you like what they are playing, buy what they are selling.

Listen local, buy local. Pay it forward. Here are bands that we suggest you see.

And give thanks every day that so many talented people live here.

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Cape Cod Wave has more than 100 videos of local bands playing original music, as well as several long profiles of local musicians… see  MUSIC

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