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Written by Cape Cod Wave

CAPE COD – Really, Boston Globe? We woke up in paradise to see a front page story in today’s paper about some of the hardships faced in our little corner of America in the wake of a tornado. There was also something about sharks, traffic, power outages and such. 

And we thought, have you ever been in a city at this time of year?

We love The Boston Globe. We are longtime subscribers. A few lifetimes ago, one of us was a Cape Cod freelancer for the paper. We seriously cannot live without the sports page.

And yes some of the facts… okay all of the facts… in the story are accurate. There was a tornado. Power is out in many places, and some vacations were ruined. Traffic is bad, and there are sharks. But the highly-entertaining reporter, Beth Teitell, decided to cast snark upon this entire land of ours.

Her editorial slant, approved by the editors and John Henry himself, we are sure, seems to hint that the Boston Globe thinks it’s better on the other side of the bridges.

In July! 

After we were done laughing, we took a morning frolic in the ocean and then listened to the traffic and weather reports in Boston.

We thought about letting the silliness pass. But then we recalled that we were one of the many editorial boards that participated last summer in the Globe’s call to challenge the idea that journalists are the enemy of the people. 

So yeah, we’re a bit wary of fake news. We’d like to state now that while no one is entitled to their own set of facts, we are entitled to an opinion. Especially when the opinion, as ours is, is 100 percent correct. Making fun of Cape Cod in July is, frankly, a bad look on so many levels. 

In one serious note, perhaps the Globe doesn’t understand that a whole lot of people down here make their living for the year in the span of about 10 weeks in the summer. So their front page story, in the very least, to borrow a phrase from special prosecutor Robert Mueller, was “problematic.”

But that’s okay. Say anything you want right now, Boston Globe. We’ll read what you have to say with sand between our toes. 

And hey, how’s the humidity up there?

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