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If you are lucky enough to spend the first day of the rest of your life on Cape Cod, then you probably understand how thrilled we at Cape Cod Wave are to begin 2014 on this peninsula with you.

Happy New Year from Cape Cod Wave!

Happy New Year from Cape Cod Wave!

Sure, it’s a bit cold. Okay, it’s a lot of bits cold.

While we are the biggest fans of summer on Cape Cod, we are even bigger fans of Cape Cod itself all year long, this swath of land that is home to poets and painters, farmers and fisherman, and an unmatched natural beauty that is reflected in the souls of those who live here.

Before you accuse us of being naive enough to have just fallen off of an Eastham turnip truck, we know that Cape Cod has its issues. Nowhere, not even here, is perfect. Well, there’s time for all that.

Now, on this first day of the year 2014, on the Eastern edge of the continent, we’re in an optimistic mood. No matter the temperature, the days are getting longer.

Happy new year, Cape Cod. It’s better here than it is anywhere else.

– Cape Cod Wave



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