Happy Fourth Of July From Cape Cod Wave

Written by Cape Cod Wave

The Fourth of July is our favorite holiday of the year. You know how other people compare things to Christmas? Well, our comparison is the Fourth of July – specifically the Fourth on Cape Cod.flag03

Here at the edge of America, where the sun begins its rise across the greatest nation on Earth, we are blessed with this beautiful swath of land that runs miles out to sea. Surrounded by water as we are, it’s a fact, not arrogance, to say that we live on one of the jewels of this great land.

And so with apologies and a bit of a bow to Falmouth’s own Katharine Lee Bates, the author of “America The Beautiful,” we offer this toast:

   Oh beautiful for Cape Cod skies
   With amber glasses of beer
   For purple beach glass majesty
   We’re so glad to be here

Happy Fourth of July Cape Cod! The fireworks are just beginning.


– Cape Cod Wave

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