Falmouth Road Race 2018 in 4 Minutes — VIDEO

FALMOUTH – Tedy Bruschi was in the pack at the Falmouth Road Race and so were 11,000 or so others. The New Balance Falmouth Road Race came barreling into town today as it has done every year for more than four decades.

It seems like there are more police, more barricades and more rules every year for the 7-mile jaunt from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights. The race that started 46 years ago as a challenge to run between two bars has turned into a major international athletic contest. But the pure excitement of the event, the joy of families running together, often for a cause, and the sublime beauty of the route itself–those persist year after year.

The logistics of the event are fascinating in and of themselves. One big change this year was the closing of Katharine Lee Bates Road where buses were staged. What never seems to change is the frantic search for parking spaces that occurs in the hour or so before the last bus leaves the center of town for its destination in Woods Hole.

Notable every year is the dedication of the volunteers. It was announced at the starting line that more than 2,000 volunteers helped out this year. That is a phenomenal effort and quite a testament to the host community of Falmouth.

From the start the finish, as this video shows, the 11,000 runners are the star of the show, from the youngest competitors to those well into their senior years and even some famous faces, like Mr. Bruschi. This is, in fact, a run for everyone.

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