Falmouth Double Murder

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FALMOUTH – Police discovered a double murder at 146 Central Avenue in East Falmouth early this morning at a house two neighborhood residents said had been the site of previous drug raids.

The victims were identified as Crystal Perry, 43, and Kristofer M. Williams, 24. Both were residents of the house, according to a press release by Cape & Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe.

The scene on Central Avenue

The scene on Central Avenue

“Preliminary investigation suggests each had sustained severe blunt and sharp force trauma,” said the press release. In an interview this afternoon, O’Keefe added that the trauma was of a “very severe” nature.

With regard to suspects, O’Keefe said, “I don’t want to be speculating about the nature of the investigation at this time.” But, he said, he wanted the Falmouth public to know, “We consider this a targeted event and not a random act.”

The house and the victims, he added, were “not unknown” to police.

“Police responded at 1:34 a.m. To the house “as a result of a 911 call from a neighbor reporting the disturbance,” said the press release.

Late this morning, a section of a handful of houses on Central Avenue was blocked off by yellow police tape and by officers. From time to time, people drove up and walked onto the property. There was hugging. A gaggle of reporters watched while a group gathered when the bodies were removed into a white van.

The scene on Central Avenue in Falmouth.

The scene on Central Avenue in Falmouth.

While those walking into and out of the restricted area declined to be interviewed, a couple of residents of the neighborhood said there had been trouble before. One resident of the Central Avenue neighborhood said he saw police tape and cruisers this morning and “the first thing I thought was drug raid.” He was surprised to discover a double murder nearby.

“A very quiet, peaceful neighborhood with a drug house in it” is how this resident described the area. The neighbor, wearing a Red Sox jersey, declined to give his name but said residents of the house “have been busted a number of times. They came here last year with about 30 cop cars.”

Scoba Rhodes, who owns property near the house, said he knew the two victims. “I don’t know them well. I know who they were.” When asked if he was surprised that there was a murder at that house. “Yes and no. I had heard some rumors that there were issues at that residence.”

The scene on Central Avenue

The scene on Central Avenue

“That house, a woman came out of there and cut me off so I beeped. She followed me around for a half an hour giving me the finger,” said Susan O’Connor, who lives in the neighborhood.

“It’s been trouble for a while,” said O’Connor. “There are break-ins on our street all the time and the police don’t do anything about it. It’s a really peaceful, tranquil place to live,” she said, “But in the last couple of years it has been become very unsettling with all the break-ins.”

“Police come here all the time on drug-related issues,” she said.

The break-ins have mostly been small, she said, although a snowmobile and even a trailer were stolen in the neighborhood, she said.

“The police told all of us that they are looking for drug money, and they are not violent,” said O’Connor.

– Laura M. Reckford
– Brian Tarcy

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