Enough Snow Already, An Editorial

Written by Cape Cod Wave

Snow can be pretty, we get it. Look, at this picture. Fun, huh?

March 13, Cape Cod

March 13, Cape Cod

We have tried to be optimistic all winter, but seriously? Again? We love all sorts of weather here at Cape Cod Wave, as long as it’s on Cape Cod. But, the truth is, we love summer best because this is the best place on Earth to be in the summer.

In the winter? It’s more than just a place, but… all we can say is, enough already! On March 13 it is snowing again and it made this fun design on the brick patio.

Okay, we get it. Get this, we miss summer.

Again today, it is a Groundhog Day of the long winter. This has been going on for WAY too long. Please comment below and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you agree.

If you disagree and you still want more winter,  we dare you to explain. Frankly, you are this close to being fired as a reader. We are not sure we want “pro-winter in the middle of March” readers coming anywhere near Cape Cod Wave.

This is the very best place on Earth to be in the summer. And we’re very ready for that.

We don’t go on vacation. We wait for vacation comes to us.

In the meantime, please check out this it’s-a-long-wait-for-summer video, “Start It Up Again” by one of Cape Cod Wave’s favorite Cape Cod bands, Brothers Rye of Woods Hole.


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