Editorial: Election 2016 – Keep It On The Tracks, America

Written by Cape Cod Wave

The editorial board of Cape Cod Wave, having convened for several years at our worldwide corporate headquarters, would like to use our vast editorial leverage to ask everyone to please chill out.

Keep this country on the rails.

We mean it. Please.

We at Cape Cod Wave were raised in the United States of America, which has always been great, and it has always been flawed.

The worldwide corporate headquarters for Cape Cod Wave are probably a bit more modest than the campus of high rise towers and lush gardens that we are sure you imagine. It’s pretty much just a place in America. But it’s our place in America. And we absolutely love it here. We have created roots, and we are proud to be here.

Neither one of us grew up in Massachusetts. We moved here because we love Cape Cod. But we have, in fact, spent formative years in the two battleground states in America: Florida and Ohio. So we are especially worried because we know that not everywhere is like here.

No matter what happens, please everyone… how about that game last night?

America, we know, is a big, diverse country.

And Cape Cod certainly has plenty of people from both sides of the political spectrum. Sure, we have our opinions too. And while we don’t expect Cape Cod to fall into the divisive confrontations that we fear for the rest of the country, we know that nowhere is immune to hate.

We are worried. But we are optimistic too.

When we are driving the 12-year-old corporate Cape Cod Wave Prius around the Cape and we see one of the several enormous trucks we have seen flying a gigantic American flag behind it, we always smile and think, as Woody Guthrie said, This land is your land, This land is my land, This land was made for you and me. 

We love the flag. We love America. That is why we have held several years worth of meetings in order to write this editorial.

This land is your land. This land is my land. Together, people like us made this country grow into what it is: the greatest flawed country in history.

We really like it here. We hope you do too. Sure, we see problems. We imagine you do too.  We all don’t see the same problems or the same solutions. That actually isn’t new. What is new, and what scares us, is that we no longer all see the same facts.

But one fact, as we see it, is that blind faith to one charismatic person for their ability to fix everything is worrisome. If that person likes to blame broad groups of people for specific problems, that blind faith is frightening.

We didn’t skip history class.

But no matter what happens, please everyone… how about that game last night?


– Laura & Brian


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