Covid-19 Arrives On Cape Cod – An Essay

Written by Cape Cod Wave

CAPE COD – The arrival of Covid- 19 on Cape Cod was inevitable, by all we were told from actual news sources. But still, when the first case was reported today at a Cape Cod Healthcare Hospital, we bet that many here were taken aback by how fast this most famous of viruses arrived. 

So while we are now all living in a Stephen King novel with unknown plot twists ahead, we are begging anyone who has taken seriously words like “hoax” or “just a cold” and, our favorite, “liberal plot by the media to get the President,” to please understand that this is not about politics when we ask for you to take this seriously.

We wish this had been a big hoax. Just like the President, who has now been tested and who declared the Covid 19 virus a national emergency, once said it was.


No. Watch any animation of the spread of this. The World Health Organization is the liberal media?

No. NO, no. Please. If you believe that, we’d love to interview you.

But it is important to remember who we are who live on Cape Cod.

We are a community. There is, as we were told for a long story that we are currently working on, “a stickiness here I have not seen anywhere else. People love living here.” We all love life on Cape Cod. 

We also, to put it kindly, skew older.

Please understand. If the virus is loose on Cape Cod, it could hurt worse here than other places. We certainly hope that doesn’t happen.

Thank you!

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  • Social distancing is the thing to do! Start today, not tomorrow. Flatten the curve!! Do it on your own, don’t wait for them to force it on us. Choose to do it now. And thanks.

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