A Cleveland Sports Fan On Cape Cod – An Essay

Cleveland Fan On Cape Cod
Written by Brian Tarcy

“What’s with the hat?”

In 2007 when the Red Sox played the Cleveland Indians during the American League championship series, I was wearing my Indians hat in a bar on Main Street in Falmouth when a guy I did not know walked in, looked at me funny, and said, “What’s with the hat?”

I’ll tell you what’s with the hat. As a biker I once met said to me, “if I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand.” This biker was talking about his passion. Something that called him and he couldn’t ignore.

Unlike him, I’ve contemplated trying to get away from my DNA. That is, until I learned what it is like to have Lebron-like powers.

Let me just say this: Cleveland is a great place to be from. I grew up there. I’m not there anymore. I love living on Cape Cod.

Nevertheless… go Indians. I’ll bet you a dollar they’ll beat the Red Sox in this playoff series.

Go Browns too. I’ll bet you a penny they’ll beat the Patriots this weekend in Tom Brady’s first game back – if you’ll give me double the point spread.

Actually, I never bet. I simply always predict the Cleveland Browns to win at

Before 2004, I loved every fan in New England. You were so charming.

Cleveland Fan On Cape Cod

“What’s with the hat?”

And then the Red Sox won a World Series after the Patriots had just won two Super Bowls. A few months later, the Patriots won their third Super Bowl, and the regional personality transplant was almost complete.

Then came the fall of 2007 into the spring of 2008, when Boston went on the most epic of sports runs. By that point, I did not recognize any of you.

You became arrogant winners, and you had the right to be like that. I was envious. Heck, I live here! I have tried with all my heart to be like you and enjoy it. But I couldn’t. I tried, but I wouldn’t. I wanted to, but I knew in my heart that somehow I shouldn’t. And it all made me so sad. I have tried to root for your teams. It frankly looks like fun. But I can’t do it.

On top of that, two of your biggest heroes, Manny Ramirez and Bill Belichick, got their start in Cleveland.

So yeah. There’s that.

But then Lebron talked about how cool it was to grow up in northeast Ohio, and he went home and he won the NBA championship.

So there’s that too.

None of it matters matters now. It’s Cleveland week here in New England.

Yes, I know, Boston has a lot more championships.

And yet at least for now, Cleveland still has the most important one, from the NBA – the most recent.

This arrogance thing… I think I can do it. Wanna bet?

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