Bourne Bridge Traffic July 4 Weekend

Bourne Bridge Traffic July 4 Weekend
Written by Brian Tarcy

If you are reading this in traffic coming onto Cape Cod this holiday weekend, we’d like to congratulate you for both of the birthdays that you are expected to celebrate before crossing over the bridge.

We’re kidding. We think.

This morning, July 1, while driving in slowdown traffic onto the Bourne Bridge, we celebrated zero birthdays and never once delved into our extensive dictionary of profanity that we carry every time we drive in the summer on Cape Cod. We crossed the bridge at 9 AM.

Bourne Bridge Traffic July 4 Weekend

Welcome, almost, to Cape Cod, where patience is a virtue.

While we know better than to cross the bridges onto the Cape on a holiday weekend, we did it anyway. Here is what we know. We were on Route 25 when we ran into thick, slow traffic about mile before the Bourne Bridge. It moved slowly, but smoothly.

We also know that we are not in that traffic anymore. And we know it can get much worse. So if you, in fact, are stuck in traffic and it’s worse than we experienced, we feel your pain.

Okay, we really don’t feel your pain.

Bourne Bridge Traffic July 4 Weekend

There it is! The bridge! The bridge!

We’re actually eating oysters, drinking beer and staring at the ocean at this exact moment. And no, it doesn’t matter when you are reading this. That’s all we do all summer.

So yeah, the weather this weekend on Cape Cod is postcard perfect. There is really no better place in the world to be than on Cape Cod this weekend.

If you could ever get through that traffic, you’d find that out.

Cheers. Wish you were here.




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  • I grew up within a few hundred yards of the approach to the Bourne Bridge and thoroughly enjoyed this essay. But….don’t you know that both ends of the Bourne Bridge are on-Cape? The only bridge that goes from off-Cape to on-Cape is the one crossing Cohasset Narrows!

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