Cape Cod Canal Fishing – The Last Hurrah Until Spring

Brian Tarcy
Written by Brian Tarcy

BOURNE – Fishing on the Cape Cod Canal beckoned. Brian Valliere, a carpenter from Douglas who is working in Harwich, was “just going by” the Cape Cod Canal on Tuesday afternoon when he stopped to throw some casts for striped bass, based on what he has heard.

Brian Balliere of Douglas, MA, stops to fish at the Cape Cod Canal during what he called "the last hurrah" of the season.

Brian Valliere of Douglas, MA, stops to fish at the Cape Cod Canal during what he called “the last hurrah” of the season.


“Supposedly, they’re hitting pretty good right now,” he said. It was late afternoon. He was the lone fisherman to be seen on this part of the canal. “Morning probably would have been better but I was on my way to work when I came by,” he said.

There is fishing in Douglas, but it is fresh water fishing. “I like this better,” said Valliere, 32. “The fish are bigger, and it’s a bit more challenging too,” he said.

Valliere said the biggest fish he has caught in the canal was a a 35-pound striped bass. As he cast, scanning the water from the shore, he was optimistic. “I think the odds are good,” he said.

He reeled in and cast again. “This is probably the last hurrah until spring,” he said, “so I figured I’d take advantage of it.”


— Brian Tarcy



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