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The Leprechaun Juror On Falmouth’s Main Street

Written by Cape Cod Wave

FALMOUTH – No one in court needed a leprechaun on their jury? “I had jury duty at 8:30 this morning,” said Nate Costa, 18, of Sandwich. “I got out at 9:30. They didn’t need me.”

So Costa came to Main Street, Falmouth, to help his sister, Kaylee Costa of Falmouth, who was working for a destination marketing company, Maynely Marketing of Maine, hired by the Falmouth Village Association. They were wrapping Saint Patrick’s’ Day streamers around light poles.

Kaylee knew Nate would be in town. “She asked me to come by here and when I did, she said,  ‘Here, wear some of this and help us put up some of this stuff,’ “ said Nate,

The idea, said Marti Mayne, owner of Maynely Marketing, is, “To add a touch of Irish festivity in the village, We take pictures, post them on social media, put it with the store owner’s offer.”

The Saint Patrick’s weekend events for 40 or so merchants on Main Street, run from Friday to Monday, said Mayne.

Kaylee said many merchants also had had a photo taken of their store front, with a specially designed green “O” and an apostrophe to make all stores Irish for the weekend. Beside the green “O” and the leprechaun outfit, Kaylee said she had a bag full of decorations. “I have so much in this bag,” she said.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, Kaylee said, “I am going to be here, taking as many pictures as possible and enjoying everyone’s excitement.”

Nate said he would probably be in Sandwich, but as for what he might do… the jury is still out.


— Brian Tarcy



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