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“ALMOST” – New Silicon Valley Book By Cape Cod Wave Writer

Written by Brian Tarcy

ALMOST; 12 Electric Months Chasing A Silicon Valley DreamMY NEW BOOK: I don’t get emotional very often, but please bear with me. Six years ago, for a year, along with my co-author Hap Klopp, I followed a

"ALMOST; 12 Electric Months Chasing A Silicon Valley Dream" by Hap Klopp & BrianTarcy

“ALMOST; 12 Electric Months Chasing A Silicon Valley Dream” by Hap Klopp & BrianTarcy

Silicon Valley company as it attempted to change the world. It almost did. It was almost bought by Apple. It almost became a worldwide brand. And for years, we almost got this book published. Well, here it is, advance copy of the hardcover in my hand,  and I have to say the publisher did a pretty stunning job.

I went into journalism to tell a story like this. I fell in love with long-form journalism with the dream of someday getting to tell a story like this. I founded this website, Cape Cod Wave, inspired by this story. It was extraordinarily exciting bearing witness to a group of people who almost changed the world.

Brian Tarcy

Brian Tarcy

I have never worked harder on a project in my life. For years, Hap and I channeled Winston Churchill: Never Give Up. We found a powerful New York agent, who loved the book. But it is a story of failure and the lessons learned from failure. And we learned that the New York publishers loved the narrative but didn’t think anyone wanted anything but success stories. We disagreed, and contend you learn more from failure than you do from success.

And in Silicon Valley, the beating heart of American innovation, failure is the secret sauce.

So that’s the premise. A company is not just a bunch of stock and product. A company is people with dreams. ALMOST is the story of such a company.

Finally, and most importantly, I dedicated the book to Derek. I think about and miss my son every hour of every day. And he knew all about this project. I wish he could have seen this. I wish my parents could have seen this. Anyway, now you did. The ebook is out now. The hardcover can be pre-ordered and will be released Feburary 5. Please check out ALMOST; 12 Electric Months Chasing A Silicon Valley Dream

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Brian Tarcy

Brian Tarcy is co-founder of Cape Cod Wave. He is a longtime journalist who has written for the Boston Globe, Boston magazine, the Cape Cod Times and several other publications. He is the author of "YOU CAN'T SELL RIGHT FIELD; A Cape Cod Novel." He is also the author or co-author of more than a dozen mostly non-fiction books, including books with celebrity athletes Cam Neely, Tom Glavine and Joe Theisman. His previous book was, "ALMOST: 12 Electric Months Chasing A Silicon Valley Dream" with Hap Klopp,who created the iconic brand, The North Face.
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Brian is a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan with a long-running NFL predictions/political satire column connecting weekly world events to the fate of his favorite team, now at

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