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New Heroes: 7 Cape Cod Store Clerks Talk Safety, VIDEO – Cape Cod Covidispatch

CAPE COD – This video is of visits to one store in each of seven towns on Route 28 – from Chatham to Falmouth – in which I asked these seven clerks (actually six clerks and one full-service gas station attendant) how they are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic while on the job.

I visited more than these seven places of business. More than one such place declined an interview. Some cited corporate policy, others did not want to appear on camera, and one declined saying directly and simply, “Everyone is on edge right now.”

I am especially thankful to these seven people who did agree to be interviewed about how they are keeping themselves safe, how customers are treating them, and what advice they have for all of us to keep ourselves and store clerks/gas station attendants safe.


Cape Cod Covidispatch

I was interested in what folks are selling. I asked one specific question of almost everyone: whether they were selling a lot of lottery tickets. It seemed a legitimate question.

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Finally, as I said to every one of these people, and those who declined to be interviewed, I think they are heroes and I think everyone on Cape Cod thanks them. 

While we may not need, um, lottery tickets, we do need stuff. We will all continue to need stuff from time to time to get through this.

But please remember as Austin at Cumberland Farms in Chatham said, “We’re all in this together.”

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