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Americorps Cape Cod – A Slideshow

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BOURNE – Americorps Cape Cod members live in a house, a former medial personnel dormitory in Pocasset. Twice a week they eat together. Twice a week, they work on projects together. (See also Americorps Cape Cod – 15 years Of Service With A Smile)

“It’s just a house,” said Christin Marshall, program coordinator for Americorps Cape Cod. “A couple of rooms are quads with bunk beds.”

When they go their own way on their individual placements, “At the end of the day, they talk about war stories,” said Darlene Johnson-Morris, Americorps Cape Cod program director. “They tell each other the day’s events.”

It’s a house, but it’s so much more. Lindsey Zemler of Boulder, Colorado said, she likes “the fact that you’re doing all these difficult activities together.”

Difficult activities like heading to the Quashnet River in Waquoit to work with Trout Unlimited on a river restoration project. “The project involves AmeriCorps members rebuilding the banks of the river by cutting and stacking brush and logs on the banks,” said Adam DeVito, Bourne House Supervisor, who is from Walpole.  “Over time the brush and logs will decompose and form a new healthy river bank that will restore proper flow and depth to the river.”

So here’s some photos of dinner, and the Quashnet River project.


— Brian Tarcy


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  • I am from the first AmeriCorps Cape cod in 1999. I want to thank you all soooo much for the opportunity. I have since moved to New Zealand and started a Subway Sandwich franchise in our small rural town. We have (and I believe partly due to my experience at the 1st AmeriCorps Cape Cod) became the 1st Subway in New Zealand or Australia to start composting / recycling instore. So, thank you AmeriCorps Cape Cod, for the inspiration and experience that you gave me :)
    Angie Brown-Wynn
    Geraldine , New Zealand

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