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Friday, May 22, 2020 – A New Kind Of Start to Summer – VIDEO + Music By The Catbirds

CAPE COD – On the Friday afternoon/evening before Memorial Day, we were curious to see what the unofficial opening weekend of summer looks like during a pandemic.

So we took a tour of the Cape from the Bourne Bridge to Provincetown and then back to Falmouth, home of the worldwide headquarters of Cape Cod Wave Magazine.

For this video, we have added in some new upcoming music from one of our favorite Cape Cod bands, The Catbirds, who graciously allowed us to use it. The Catbirds are Chandler Travis on bass, Sam Wood on drums, Steve Wood on guitar and Mark Usher on guitar. This song is called, “Once Proud Ghost.”

Please go to Chandler Travis’ website to buy music by The Catbirds and the many other musical outlets by Travis, who is something of a prolific genius and a favorite of Cape Cod Wave.

As for our tour of Cape Cod, when we got to the Bourne Bridge, traffic was fairly thick and coming over slowly so we were expecting to see more folks out and about than we found.

The truth is that on the Friday before Memorial Day, Marconi Beach was beautiful but not crowded and the four downtowns we visited – Provincetown, Orleans, Hyannis & Falmouth – were pretty deserted. The only place we found a crowd was at the Dairy Queen in Falmouth.

So that’s how this new kind of summer began, at least in this particular snapshot in time.

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– Laura & BrianWave

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