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Cape Cod Summer In 4 Minutes; Music By Crooked Coast – VIDEO

Summer on Cape Cod is the best. 

Now that Labor Day has passed, here is a 4-minute video compilation of some of what we saw with the perfect song, “Summer,” by the perfect Cape Cod band, Crooked Coast.

If you recall, last year we put up a 3-minute compilation of August, with music, “On The Beach,” by the Incredible Casuals.

That video and this video are related in more ways than summer.

So as the story we tell goes, the Cape Cod Wave corporate vehicle sound system only gets NPR, sports radio from various places, WOMR when we can get it, and the sound of only one CD because ours is an old-school one-CD player. And well, loading CDs is hard.

In the summer of 2018, we loaded in, “Nature Calls,” by the Incredible Casuals and listened to it all summer. Our traveling music of the summer of 2018 was the Incredible Casuals.

When summer 2018nended, we finally started loading other CDs in, almost all local, but even some Beatles and such, and then found ourselves this June with the dilemma of planning our summer.

And that’s part of the story of this video. The Cape Cod Wave CD of the summer of 2019 was “Put The Night On,” by Crooked Coast. It found its way in there and never left. Crooked Coast was our traveling music of the summer of 2019.

Still, we had no thoughts of doing this summer compilation video with Crooked Coast until they put out this new song called, “Summer.” Of course it was perfect.

When they agreed to let us use it, this is what happened.

If you look, you will see a little bit of the very end of Crooked Coast’s own music festival called, Coastfest, which we caught from outside the fence for their last song.

Thank you Crooked Coast for this music, and for our summer of traveling music.

As a sidenote, connecting the dots… We have seen many great bands on Cape Cod since we started this magazine.

Yet we have seen exactly two that can do what Crooked Coast of the Upper Cape does, and the Incredible Casuals of the Outer Cape used to do – getting a large crowd singing word for word along with several of their original songs while dancing like it’s summer on Cape Cod.

If you have not seen Crooked Coast, you are straight up missing out.

Some day, our dream will come true and we will unite the music scenes from each end of the Cape into an epic charity fundraiser. 

We will need something to listen to next summer.

Until then, here is what just happened.

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