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2020 Summer Scenes, with Music by The Silent Trees – VIDEO

CAPE COD – Well, that was a different kind of Cape Cod summer.

Now that Labor Day has passed, here is a video of scenes from the 2020 Cape Cod summer with music from the only live show we have seen since March, The Silent Trees in the New Silver Beach neighborhood of North Falmouth.

You may recall that in 2019, we put up a summer video like this with music from Crooked Coast, and in 2018, we did an August video compilation with music from The Incredible Casuals. That same summer of 2018, in mid July we documented a perfect summer day with music by the Grab Brothers.

This was the summer of the neighborhood concert. We saw exactly one and it was fantastic; one of the best shows ever. This bucolic porchfest neighborhood atmosphere, with safe social distancing and a great swim a short walk away was everything we could have wanted for our only show of the summer.

And this Silent Trees original song, “Bad To Worse” has some pretty good lyrics for these hyper-political times, which we did see signs of this summer… “You believe everything that you read, and you only see what you want to see, unlearn all that you know and you’ll be free”

This summer didn’t really go from bad to worse. It’s Cape Cod in the summer, so there is no such thing as bad. It was instead, interesting.

And yes, we have shot a video of this song before, in 2015. But this was a different kind of Silent Trees show, emblematic of the summer of 2020.

Stay safe!

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