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The Spampinato Brothers In Dennis – 2-Minute Video

DENNIS – The bouncy exuberance of The Spampinato Brothers is such a magnet that people, not youngsters, were willing to wait outside the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar in the cold for a solid half hour just to see the band on Saturday night.

Cape Cod Wave was among the not youngsters waiting for someone to leave just to get in to see the band. At one point, the line was more than 10 older  people long, it’s true. Why were we all here, willing to wait in the cold?

For about four decades, Joey Spampinato was the bass player for the legendary rock band, NRBQ. But for his whole life, he’s been one of The Spampinato Brothers, and here he was with his brother Johnny playing at one of the coolest, musician-friendly clubs on Cape Cod.

For just about as long as Joey has been in NRBQ, Johnny has been incredibly casual on Cape Cod as a member of Cape Cod’s most fun band (says Cape Cod Wave), The Incredible Casuals.

Now, Joey and Johnny are playing together. The Spampinato brothers both live on Cape Cod. While they will soon be touring Sweden and Japan, they were playing their catchy fun music in Dennis, and if you missed it, well, you made a mistake.

They brought in the uber-talented Bruce MacLean, AKA Link Montana, on guitar, and their drummer, Jay Cournoyer, and turned the night into a song-by-song tour of how fun it must be to be a Spampinato Brother. Here’s some 12 bar Blues, check it out…

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