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Snow Moon Rising on Cape Cod

Written by Laura M. Reckford

BARNSTABLE – A bright hovering lunar orb followed us from Falmouth to Hyannis Saturday (on our way to Trader Joe’s, natch). Research reveals it was a “sort of ‘super’ Snow Moon” and we appreciated that it did not accompany snow, despite its name.

The “super” part is apparently because the moon is about to reach the closest point to Earth in its orbit so it appears huge. The “sort of” is because it does not actually reach its closest point to Earth in its orbit until later today–therefore, over the weekend, it was not technically a “super moon,” when the full moon and the closest point in the orbit to earth occur on exactly the same day.

But enough science. Let’s talk Route 28.

The road from Falmouth to Hyannis can be less than inspiring on most days. But with the giant orb hovering over the highway, it made the trip seem magical, like being guided by a benevolent UFO.

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Laura M. Reckford

Laura M. Reckford is co-founder of Cape Cod Wave. She has been a reporter and editor on Cape Cod for more than 20 years in magazines, newspapers and radio. She has also authored numerous Frommer's Travel Guide editions on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

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