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The Seagull & The Dock Worker

Broken Leg Guy, The Seagull
Written by Brian Tarcy

CHATHAM – “Hey kid, here you go,” said Gregg Witter, a second-year dockworker at the Chatham Municipal Fish Pier. He was talking to a seagull, one of the many seagulls that hang out near the fish pier for obvious reason.

“As soon as he lands, I know him,” said Witter.

The seagull, standing on his left leg, looked over and Witter tossed him a mackerel. “He showed up last year,” said Witter. “He has a defective right leg. I felt bad for him and his obvious disadvantage.”

And so Witter occasionally throws fish to the one bird. “Just him,” he said. “I try to hook him up to keep him alive.”

Greg Witter, Dock Worker

Gregg Witter, Dock Worker: “As soon as he lands, I know him.”

Witter even has a name for the bird. “I call him broken leg guy.”

He has been feeding broken leg guy at the pier since the bird showed up at the working pier, which is also a major tourist attraction. “The tourists get a kick out of it,” he said.

Witter said he does not have any pets at home. “I just put a 16-year-old Sheltie down in the spring,” he said. “It broke my heart.

So is broken leg guy a pet? “Not really,” he said. “All he does is eat and shit.”

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