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Playwright Gip Hoppe recites his version of The Story Of Christmas

ORLEANS – Gip Hoppe, playwright of Wellfleet, performs a humorous version of The Story Of Christmas, much of which takes place in a Cape Cod Wal-Mart. He told the story, with a background choir, at the Cape Cod Cavalcade to Benefit the Homeless, held at The Jailhouse Tavern.

Apologies for missing the very beginning of this performance.

Please see the story, “A Christmas Cavalcade of Musical Goodwill” with a  slideshow.


Also, please check out these short videos from the Cavalcade…

The Rip-It-Ups perform, “Walking In A Winter Wonderland”

Zoe Lewis sings, “Peking Duck For Christmas”

Rikki Bates sings “Blue Christmas”

And if you are interested in the Cape Cod music scene, please see Cape Cod Music And The Joy Of Being Originally Alive, a Cape Cod Wave story from earlier this year.


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